Saturday, May 12, 2007

Summer Holidays

With the summer quickly approaching us we were thinking about what we would be doing this summer. Here are some tips that I found:

Here are seven tips to keep in mind if you’re planning on traveling when pregnant:

  1. Travel in comfort, not in style. Yes, you used to be okay with wearing your three-inch heels even when you had to run for airplanes but that’s not the case while you’re pregnant. Being pregnant is often uncomfortable so you should do what you can to minimize discomfort. Wear comfortable clothing, in layers that can be added to and removed as your body temperature changes. Upgrade to the first class seats on flights.
  2. Practice de-stressing techniques. Travel is stressful. Flights get delayed, busses break down and you often take wrong turns. Compound this with the emotions you’re already swinging through as a pregnant women and travel can be the thing that brings tears to your eyes. Practice meditation and relaxation techniques in advance of your trip to help you cope when things get rough on the road.
  3. Know where the bathrooms are. You’re going to need to go to the bathroom more frequently when you’re pregnant (as you surely already know) so make sure you know where they’re at when you travel. Airports, train stations and rest areas should always be on your radar.
  4. Play the pregnant card. Many independent women don’t like to be given special treatment just because they’re pregnant. Pish tosh. Pregnant women get to board planes early and get extra assistance with their luggage because it’s the safe and healthy way to travel. Don’t be so stubborn that you’ll deny yourself the help you need.
  5. Don’t overdo it. Along those same lines, you have to remember that being pregnant takes a lot out of you. Yes, the conference runs all day and into the night or the relatives want to show you every tourist attraction in their town. Remember that it’s okay to say “no”, to rest in your room when you need to and to admit that the process of travel itself might take so much out of you that you can’t do as much as you’d like on your trip.
  6. Know the rules. There’s a certain time period after which it is not advisable to fly while pregnant. There are immunizations required for certain countries which are not good for the health of the fetus inside you. Know the rules about your mode and destination of travel before you go. Then follow them!
  7. Consult a physician. Most people don’t want to bug their doctor with a whole bunch of questions, but that’s what she’s there for. You are better off safe than sorry so whether you’re planning a weekend getaway by car or an overseas trip by plane, bring it up with your doctor and discuss all of the dangers and options before you travel.
Are there any vacations that you would recommend or avoid based on the fact that we are expecting towards the end of November? We have been discussing Victoria, Las Vegas or just spending time at the lake (as well as working on our basement).


Anonymous said...

I went camping at 7.5 mo preg - treated myself to a self inflating mat, but aside from mountain biking found everything possible - 6 hour mountain hikes included.

You have to listen to yourself, and don't rule stuff out that you really like to do 'cause you think it MIGHT not work. Try, if it's no fun you can always go home, and you may be pleasantly suprized. Grin The important thing is to be prepared, and have a great time!

Oh btw, I flew at 35 weeks too, uncomfortable as the seats were so small, but very possible

Anonymous said...

My only suggestion about going to vegas is to realize that most casinos don't have non-smoking sections. If you were planning on going to the casinos, you will be exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

There are many cool thinkg to do besides gambling that are smoke free, such as shows, etc. You can also go to Hoover dam which is aout a 45 minute drive. It is beautiful there, and there is a tour that is pretty cool.

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