Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ultrasound Pictures

Here are the pictures from our latest ultrasound. We were sure happy to get seven new photos. As of October 18 the ultrasound indicated that the baby is 12 weeks and 1 day old, with a length of 5.6 cm.

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Topo said...

Your baby is gorgeous!!! CONGRATS ON #2!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you got some great photos there - ours aren't nearly as clear! I think I'll wait for my FAS before I post pics! But I'll definitely be back!

Anonymous said...

Wow! #6 is really clear!

Our New Baby said...

I used my scanner to help make the image a little better.

spain dad said...

congratulations! it's always exciting to see the latest ultrasound and to actually see that your little one has grown.

by the way, i really like your pregnancy ticker at the top of the page. what a great idea.

Our New Baby said...

Spain Dad if you are interested in getting the ticker just click on my ticker and it will take you to the site where I got it from. Let me know if you need any help.

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