Monday, November 5, 2007

The Future of Our Children

I came across these two video while doing some work. It sure makes me think about the future world that our children will be living in. Changing jobs and global competition (the flattening of the world) is already taking place. How we raise and educate our children will be a lot different than we were accustomed too. Even this blog has amazed me because I am able to chat with people from all over the world. Talk about a great audience to get advice for a couple expecting for the first time. Or am I wrong? What are your thoughts?


Rob Monroe said...

This excites me! I am blown away to think about how my not-yet-five-month-old will listen to music when she's 12. When she's 15. When she's 30.

I'm not yet 30 and remember play with 8tracks and remember having to rewind an audio cassette to hear my favorite song again. Yesterday I erased and reloaded 3,500 songs on my iPod in 20 minutes!

.....and that's just advancement on music....

I envision cures for disease. Cures for the common cold. I imagine advancement.

Bring it on!

Our New Baby said...

Great to here how optimistic that you are with all of this technology. I am in the same boat as you but many others would think that some of these things are scary. I embrace what the future holds, and can say that I am sure excited.

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