Monday, November 12, 2007

Your Nose Always Knows: Nasal Stuffiness

I got the information below from the What to Expect website. You can sign up and they will send you information about what is happening both to the mother and the little one. I find the information to be interesting.

"Popping out of your clothes yet? You're getting to the point (if you're not there already) where the bulge in your belly says "baby" and not "fat." If you haven't been able to feel the top of your uterus yet, try again this week. Feel for it about three inches below your belly button.

But your uterus is not the only thing that's starting to swell. The mucous membranes of your nose may also start to swell from all the pregnancy hormones circulating in your body, which are also increasing blood flow there. The result? Your nose probably already knows: congestion, and possibly even nosebleeds. Unfortunately, the stuffiness may only get worse as your pregnancy progresses, but your practitioner will probably not prescribe any medications or antihistamine nasal sprays to help clear things up (but do ask if he or she recommends something else instead). You can safely try saline sprays or nasal strips, especially if the congestion takes a turn for the truly uncomfortable. A humidifier in your room and a little petroleum jelly dabbed under your nose may also help overcome the dryness associated with any congestion."

How common are nosebleeds and congestion. I am just starting to notice that my wife is congested?


Lisa said...


You've been TAGGED!

Check out my blog. Sorry - but you are next. Pass it on - it's fun!

Congratulations on the baby. Good luck with the pregnency, and enjoy the baby when it arrives.

BTW, I think they make those baby/child cost calculators to scare people. We are a family of 8 living off one income (hubby is a mechanic so we're not rich) and we manage. We just have more fun making memories than collecting things.

Mom at 35 said...

No nosebleeds here, but ever since I became pregnant my nose felt drier than usual, and I also seem to have more boogers :-)

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