Saturday, December 15, 2007

20 Week Ultrasound

So it is a ....? Well we know but I think we are keeping it a surprise except for our immediate family. I think that we even have a name picked out and there is still so much time left. I can tell you that we are elated. What are your thoughts of finding out the sex of the baby? If you did find out who did you tell.

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mom at 35 said...

we wanted to know and we told people who asked. however, we picked a name before we became pregnant, and chose one that would work well for a boy or a girl :-)

Our New Baby said...

We had talked about some names as well. We even had one for the one we lost last year. A lot of people have asked the gender of our baby but we keep telling them that we do not know. Thank you for the post, any other advice that you can share is greatly appreciated!

Rob Monroe said...

We found out and told everyone! Even changed the baby-blog page to pink the day we found out.

My wife had a name picked out before we were married. She loved it, but I did not. When we started to tell people we got some interesting reactions. (She combined her mom's first and middle name into a completely new name.) The kicker was when she told her mom. Her reaction was stong enough to change Anny's mind.

My suggestion, then, is to keep your name in mind, but be open to another. We both really like the name we picked out and can not imagine Abby with another name!

Our New Baby said...

I love that story. We are trying to keep a family name together. I guess it is a bit of a tradition. I will shed more light after our baby is born. Thank you again for all of your posts!

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