Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Caring for Baby 101: Part 2

Here is a continuation of the post I made on Sunday. I found these posters for Caring for a Baby on JamesStriding.com. They are a hilarious collection of posters that originally were found at Wacky Archives. These would sure be great to print out and give to someone who is preparing for parenthood for the first time. Make sure to click on the link for all of the posters. I will post the last 9 pictures later this week. Have you found any other humorous baby information. If so let me know and I will post it.


Michelle Dunn said...

That is just too cute and far too funny! I'm sitting here having my morning coffee and that made for a wonderful laugh!!!

Thanks for posting!! :)


Our New Baby said...

I sure laughed when I saw this two. I will be sharing with anyone who is expecting. Thank you for the comment.

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