Saturday, March 1, 2008

What to Pack for the Hospital

Well the time is right for us to start to put together our bags, for the birth of our first baby. We have less than two months and I bet we will experience our joy early. Do not tell me how I know this, but I want to make it known now that this is my prediction. I am sure that a number of you have been through this process already. Any suggestion about what we should be packing for our short trip (a 5-10 minute drive through the small city we live in)?

This post will provide a list based on what we learned at our prenatal classes (they sure did not teach us as much as we had hopped) and from sites on the Internet.

For My Wife
  1. Pain Kit (My wife packed this a long time ago. It includes lotions, massage bars, massage tools, music, candy, drinks, books/magazines pictures of loved ones, tennis ball, mp3 player)
  2. Toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Hair Ties, Lip Chap, Washcloth, Ear Plugs, Hair Brush, Shampoo/Conditioner, Soap)
  3. Bathrobe, Nightgown, Slippers, Socks (Extra Pairs), Front Buttoned Pajamas
  4. Glasses
  5. Extra Pillows/Body Pillow
  6. Nursing Bra and Pads
  7. Sanitary Napkins
  8. Clean Nightgown and Maternity Underwear
  9. Comfortable Clothes to Wear Home
  10. Warm Sweater
  11. Health Card
For the Baby
  1. Car Seat
  2. Going Home Outfit
  3. Receiving Blankets
  4. Hat
  5. Diapers
  6. Socks and Booties
  7. Nursing Pillow
For Me
  1. Toiletries
  2. Change of Clothes
  3. Pjamas
  4. Ball Cap
  5. Swim Suit
Other Items for Me to Remember
  1. Watch (to time contractions)
  2. Camcorder and Camera (Extra Batteries and Tapes
  3. Pad of Paper and a Pen
  4. Books/Magazines
  5. Phone Card/Cell Phone
  6. List of People to Call When the Baby is Born
  7. Celebration Items (Sparkling Cider, Chocolate Cigars, Gift for my Wife)
  8. Snacks (Fresh Fruit) and Drinks
  9. Preregister (Not sure if we can but a great idea)
Recommendations Not Taking

1. Birth Plan (We will just make our decisions based on what the doctors or nurses recommend)

Here are the sites that I used to help compile my list:

What to Pack for the Hospital by Paige Bierma
Packing 101: What to Bring to the Hospital by Julia Rosien
Momma's Diary Blog
Abby Monroe is HERE! Blog


Rob Monroe said...

The one thing we wished that we brought was fresh fruit. My wife wanted an orange or banana and was not happy to wait for lunch. I actually ended up at McDonalds down the street for a fruit and yogurt parfait!

If you're going to use a nursing pillow, bring that too. The nurses will be helpful in the process of learning, but it's a good idea to bring everything you plan to use at home.

On the "her" list you might want to add socks again. Several pairs of socks that you do not care if they come home with you.

If you can pre-register, do it as early as they will let you. The last thing you want to be doing if your wife is in labor is dealing with all of the paperwork. Our hospital let us register online and we just had to confirm the info as time allowed.

Remember to have fun with it!

Our New Baby said...

Thank you for the comment and as usual great advice. I added to my list the fruit, nursing pillow, extra socks and preregister (I did not know this was an option but I will look into it).

Our New Baby said...

Will you be sleeping at the hospital??

I pack for myself and baby. period. Change of clothing, toiletries and important things like cell phone, incurance card, some cash, Check book, coming home outfits for myself and baby.. Cameras ( my good one and the one DH knows how to use.. ) Important Phone #'s

The car seat will be in a few weeks before delivery. I use the hospitals receiving blankets and diapers.

But I am also a scheduled c-section.. so I don't need too much in the way of labor accessories.

Yatie said...

hi there.... sorry it's been ages didn't check out your blog.... quite bz with new life , yes my kids going to kindergarthen and I have no helper at home...

Well,,,, when is the big day???? FYI, my husband slept in hospital in a same room with me as we get single room in the hospital... he brought his own sleeping bag and sleep on the floor so that he coud watch 2 of us (he did twice)...

don't forget to share your birth story, pics and video as well..

Yatie said...

wondering... what is the swim suit for... did i misss anything???

karenyiau said...

Wow it looks like a very complete list you have there, mine were similar but less items definitely.

It must be very excited now and I can't wait to see the pictures of your baby.... :)

karenyiau said...

Wow it looks like a very complete list you have there, mine were similar but less items definitely.

It must be very excited now and I can't wait to see the pictures of your baby.... :)

Our New Baby said...

We will be posting photos as soon as the time comes. We have our bags packed, well at least my wife is packed. We are so excited!

Our New Baby said...

I have been told to bring a swim suit to shower with my wife. I had never heard of this before our prenatal classes.

Yatie said...

sounds vry new to me.... maybe not practise in malaysia....anyway happy new parent

Our New Baby said...


I tried to access your blog and it indicates that I do not have permission I would love to hear from you again and check yours out.

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Elliott Broidy said...

Very exciting. I hope everything went as planned and everything is still good to this day.

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