Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Whats for Supper?

Well today my wife was not sure what she wanted for supper. She told me she had no idea what she wanted and whatever I suggested she did not want (Canada Food Guide). This got here a little frustrated. We finally decided to make grilled cheese sandwiches but I needed to stop at the store and buy margarine. I then asked her what else I should pick up (cheese slices, fruit, tooth paste and margarine). I went to the store and knew I was missing something. It was the margarine. This was what I had been looking for in the first place. How silly was I and my wife was very hungry and had to leave. She decided that cream of wheat would be what I should make for her but I only had 15 minutes. All was going well until I added the pinch of salt. Oops.... I added well over a teaspoon as I poured it out of the box. No problem I thought I will pretend that it tasted fine, well this did not work as planned as my wife, with here increased sense of taste (and smell, that is another story), did not buy into my story. She told me it tasted salty and I told her to add lots of brown sugar, as it would then taste better. All in all she did not get a chance to eat. She had to run out of the house for an appointment but when she came back I made her some cheese toast. Funny how things turn out. Mental note to self to keep a list, as I was told that I could not be forgetful during this time unless I was pregnant. She sure had a laugh when I confessed about the salt.

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Anonymous said...

Be cautious when dealing with food and pregnancy. The best advice is to assume nothing and nod agreeably to your lovely spouse. Remember sudden movement can be perceived as insincerity. I remember buying my pregnant wife food...thinking I was sensitive to her needs. It turned out by the 9th month of pregnancy in reality she did not appreciate the food I was buying. Let's just say I had a lot of making up...sucking up to do.

I feel your struggle

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