Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nutrition and Pregnancy Week by Week

I got the feedback below about a similar situation that I talked about yesterday.

"Be cautious when dealing with food and pregnancy. The best advice is to assume nothing and nod agreeably to your lovely spouse. Remember sudden movement can be perceived as insincerity. I remember buying my pregnant wife food...thinking I was sensitive to her needs. It turned out by the 9th month of pregnancy in reality she did not appreciate the food I was buying. Let's just say I had a lot of making up...sucking up to do."

I feel your struggle

I think that I know where this is coming from, even though the post was anonymous. We need to go out for those Thai Fresh Rolls.

I found a great website today that shows what is happening each month of pregnancy developed by WebMed. The area of the website is Pregnancy Week by Week. This is sure interesting for a rookie like me.

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Anonymous said...

Remember hon, when in doubt...a woman always loves chocolate, icecream, and floats....for at least nine months.....

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