Friday, April 27, 2007

Diet and Pregnancy

I have read, in a number of places, how important it is to have a good diet during pregnancy. We have not visited a dietitian by I am interested in what a good diet would entail. I noticed that we have an eating plan on the fridge, but have not been following it at all. Below you will find two online sources of information on this topic and I then leave you with a question.

What type of diet do you suggest?


karenyiau said...

Well during my pregnancy, I actually eat everything but all in moderation, no strict/special diet to follow. LOL

I'm only particular with durian which I will totally avoid! And less intake on seafood as well.

Anonymous said...

when I was preg with Sean, I didn't eat pineapple at all. Old folks said its not good for baby. I do take salmon fish but not very often.. the smell of it.. really strong. I think still depend on invidiual.. about the diet. Of course.. less sugar is better because.. sugar will make the baby growth faster and bigger.. thts why happened to Sean during my 3rd trimester pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

best diet is one with lots of protein, calcium and iron. drink milk, eat yogurt, fish is good. calcium is important coz baby is building bones etc, if mummy's diet do not have enough calcium baby will take from mummy, that's why some mummies has back ache etc etc after birth...and eat lots of fruits too

cut down on carb, sugar and salt, i dunno how old is your wife, she must watch out for gestational diabetes if she above 35

Our New Baby said...

My wife is younger that 35 and she normally does not eat a lot of protein or drink a lot of milk but has had a craving for these. We do eat fish at least once a week. We just need to cut out the salty chips. Yogurt and fruit are staples for us. Thank you for the post.

Anonymous said...

try having fish 3 times a week but watch out for mercury in fish, if you are able to eat organically farmed fish - it's the best. it has been proven that if you up your intake of oily fish during from 25 weeks onwards it will help with baby's brain development, plse research on what type of fish is safe, shark, sword fish and tuna are a big no no bcoz of high mercury content. salmon is good but make sure that it is farmed organically. good luck

Our New Baby said...

I did not know that you could have fish that often during pregnancy. We have been only having fish once a week.

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