Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Problems During Pregnancy

So as I have said before we are both new to the realm of being expecting parents. We had a little bit of a scare yesterday but the doctor told her she would be fine (she sure felt better when she heard a heartbeat). We were told that my wife needs to get some rest. She needs this as she has been working really hard the last while. I told here that the rest is well worth the wait. What types of complications can there be during pregnancy and what signs should we be looking for?


dragonmummy said...

emergency signs to look out for
- severe headache that won't go away
- misty or blurred vision
- severe, prolonged stomach pains
-vaginal bleeding
-a leakage of fluid,
-frequent and painful urination
-swollen hands, face and ankles
-severe, frequent vomiting
-a raise body temperature
-no movement or fewer than ten kicks after week 28

Other pregnancy complications
-pregnancy induced diabetes. women at risk are (obesity, family history of diabetes, having given birth previously to a very large infant, a stillbirth, or a child with a birh defect, having suffered pre-eclampsia, having too much amniotic fluid, being older than 25)

A study shows that women who got pregnant at older age also run a risk of low lying placenta which is called placenta previa.

By the way, I'm in my 12th weeks of pregnancy with my 3rd child

Our New Baby said...

Thank you for the post. My wife only had the one sign that I talked about. Thank you for your time and good luck we sure are close together. I will also share the information with my wife. Do you have a blog that I can check out.

dragonmummy said...

Yes , I have a blog, but currently is down due to some technical problem, I hope it will be up by tomorrow. By the way it's

Belle said...

Hi. Firstly, congratulations on the baby. 4 more weeks to go & you'll past your 1st trimester & things will be smoother.

I'm 6 weeks and 5 days now. My 2nd pregnancy. My 1st pregnancy started in mid-November & ended in early January at about 8 weeks. I has a missed miscarriage with a blighted ovum. It was a very difficult time for me emotionally to get over my failed pregnancy until I'm pregnanct again which gives me a glimmer of hope that I can experience motherhood.

I'm due for my 2nd ultrasound this Saturday (week 7). When I found out about my 2nd pregnancy, I was in week 5. Everything went well. Had the sore breast, nausea, some headaches, lack of appetite which are signs of pregnancy progressing. However, this morning I noticed a light brown spotting. My heart skipped a beat. My whole world has come to a standstill now.

I don't know if I can be as strong the second time if things go wrong again....

Anonymous said...

hi, thanks for dropping by my blogs.

Our New Baby said...


Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We wish you the best of luck, make sure to let us know how you are doing!

Topo said...

Congrats on your new baby!!

Cecile said...

Hi there! It's treasurechest from The Pregnancy Place! Dragonmummy said it all already! But I just wanted to wish you and your wife a huge congratulations on the pregnancy. My baby is 3 months old now and it is an amazing experience. When I was pregnant, I had placenta previa and was on bed rest for 3 months. The only symptom I had was unexplained bleeding that was NOT accompanied by pain or cramps.

Anyway, enjoy this pregnancy as much as you can. It is awesome to see a father take such interest in such a blessed event.

Good luck and best wishes to you both!


Our New Baby said...

I am sure happy that things worked out for you. I have not heard of placenta previa before. What exactly is this?

karenyiau said...

I do understand your worries. Even this this is my 2nd pregnancy but I actually has more fear than the previous time.

My 1st pregnancy was very smooth but this time I has spotting for many times & pain in my pelvic area too. You can read about the full story in my blog.

At one point I was so scared that I'm gonna lose my baby but thank god, I'm now sailing into my 8th months soon and I keep my fingers crossed that I'll give birth to another healthy baby.

My best wishes to you both too & have faith in yourself.

Our New Baby said...

Sounds like you had a great doctor's appointment. I guess that expecting parents will always be a little nervous. Nice to hear from you again.

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