Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pregnancy and Bathing

We have been discussing whether it is OK for my wife to have a bath during pregnancy. We were not sure if it was OK and have heard that the temperature can cause problems. It is important to find out as my wife has been extremely cold, especially at night. So today I decided to turn to looking to see if this was a health concern or not. This is what I found out.

This articles states that baths are very good for pregnant women but the temperature can cause problems. The temperature of the bath should not be more that 100 degrees F (roughly 38 degrees C).

Aetna InteliHealth
An article at this link 'Twelve Myths About Pregnancy' by Robert H. Shmerling (MD) agrees with the information about watching the temperature of a bath. He also gives advice about:

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An article at this link 'Bathing Bliss' by Marla Neuman agrees with the last two sites. She states that bathing is safe as long as the temperature is equal to your body temperature and that you limit the soaks to ten minutes. It also gives suggestions to when bathing that include setting the mood, drawing the bath, bubble bath, massages and body lotion.

Do you have any other suggestions or information on the subject of bathing and pregnancy?

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