Saturday, April 14, 2007

Baby Names

I know that it is early to start thinking about names but I thought it would be fun to start. I have heard of some ways to think of a name. They including naming after significant people in society, after family members, combining the parents names and a host of other ideas. Well here are two sites that tell you the background of individual names.

Baby Names
This site has it all. It includes information about the meaning, history, names starting or ending with a certain letter, nationalities or even the top names from various years.

Think Baby Names
This site is similar to the last. You can search by the name and their meanings, by alphabetical order or by popularity.

Do you have some good ideas for us for either a boy or a girl?


foreverangel said...

first of all, its NEVER to early to think about baby names, cause sometimes it takes months to decide on the perfect name for the baby. And names are unique, ive had friends name there kids after someone special in there life, and i have also had friends that came up with there childs name. I hope it goes well for you guys with picking baby names. I know im trying to come up with baby names that arent really used in our world today, i want something unique for my daughter, or son.


Our New Baby said...

I think we have things figured out but time will tell. Thank you for the post.

Rob Monroe said...

My suggestion is to be ready to let go of the name you choose early. My wife had a mandate name, which was then shortened. We have since that the middle name because another name we had not thought of as an option before (Abigail) sounded really great to us.

Now (with another seven weeks to go) I can't imagine calling her anything else!

Our New Baby said...

Thank you for the response Rob. We had talked about using my wife's madden name for a boy and have a girl name in mind. I guess we will see what happens.

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

We both decided in the beginning of our relationship that if ever had a baby he would be named after Daddy. :-)

We struggled with a girl's name though and didn't begin to think about it until right before our gender ultrasound at 16 weeks.

Four years later we're actually having a boy, so when it came to names it was easy enough (thankfully) though it took awhile to figure out if we wanted him to have Daddy's middle name too.

It's one of the biggest decisions you will make regarding your child so take your time! I know a few people that refused to actually name their baby until they held them at birth.

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