Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shirley Temple Anyone?

Hello there, I am the mother of 1new baby. I have a funny to tell about my husband who has been so gracious and eager to help me out. We were out with friends during a mini getaway. While everyone was ordering a beverage, I asked for a Shirley Temple. My husband kind of gave a funny look, and then flagged our waitress down. He looked slightly distressed and asked her for a non alcoholic version of the Shirley Temple. We, the table, had a good little chuckle as we then realized that my husband did not know that Shirley Temple's have been famous for their lack of alcohol, and their"virgin" appeal. We had a good laugh, and it remains as one of our lessons to laugh and live over.

Looking for some great non alcoholic drinks, check out this link. Do you have any other great drinks that an expecting mother may enjoy? Make sure to leave us a comment with your suggestions.

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