Friday, April 6, 2007

Maternity Clothes

Today I learned a lesson about maternity clothes with a stop at Thyme Maternity. My wife was having problems finding clothing in her closet that fit right. We have still not let everyone know our good news so she wanted some clothing that conceals and looks good. We found a line of clothing that is called Now & After. This line is supposed to work early in pregnancy and after the baby is born. It is a little expensive but my wife sure looks good in the clothing.

Well time for a story. We went into the store and I looked around for a while. I am not the most patient shopper I was told so after about five minutes I decided (asked permission) to go over to London Drugs. I spent about ten minutes in the store looking at new TVs and thought I better get back to see how my wife was doing. I went back into the store and sat down to read a magazine that was in the store. Another fifteen minutes passed so I walked to the change room and called her name. No one answered. I then asked a salesperson to see if she was changing. I thought she might have been having a touch of selective hearing. The salesperson said that she was not in the change room. Well I was a little frustrated that she was not there and thought I would check a few more of the stores in the mini mall. I did not find her anywhere so I went back to the vehicle. She came outside from the store and was wondering where I was. She needed my opinion on the clothes. In the exchange in the vehicle I found out that I had been sitting in the wrong store! We sure had a good laugh. Do you have any shopping stories for me? If so make sure to leave me a comment.

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