Monday, May 14, 2007

Exhausted or Tired?

ZZZZZZ! The two of us are both exhausted and tired, and I am not even the pregnant one. Any suggestions other than getting more sleep?


Belle said...

Hi there. I sleep most of the time too when I have nothing to do. Other than that I'll just lay on the sofa watching tv. It's basically, eat, sleep & work. I sound kinda lazy, eh?

For the other halves who are not physically pregnant, a walk in the park every morning to take a sip of the fresh air will help to re-energize oneself.

Audrey said...

Don't complain about how tired you are! Your wife is undoubtedly WAY more exhausted than you. She is growing a child in there. Let her sleep and leave her alone if she is napping. It will soon pass, around 13 weeks for me. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

it hasn't happened to my husband, but i've heard about the phenomenon of men experiencing the same pregnancy stuff as their significant others, like gaining weight, being hungry, nauseous, etc. sounds like you might be going through this? (i know it's unfair...but i can't help being a little jealous that my husband doesn't have to deal with any of this ) try to get as much sleep as you can. the first trimester i think is the toughest, because you're so damn tired and sick and trying to adjust to an alien taking over your body (or your wife in your case). maybe you two can skip a lot of the chores and unnecessary work and just rest up. we have plenty of time to be tired once the baby comes.
how is your wife doing, by the way? have you heard the little heartbeat yet?

Our New Baby said...

After the comment Audrey left I felt bad even saying I was tired. I feel better after the last comment. The OB was not able to hear a heartbeat today but it was found on the ultrasound last week.

Anonymous said...

Several showers a day? That got me through my first trimester (when I could muster the enthusiasm to get in the shower that was Tongue).

Slight hint though, please don't do what my DH did and spend the whole time complaining how tired YOU feel - he very nearly had a run in with the chainsaw - I just didn't have the energy to clean up all that mess Wink

Anonymous said...

It will ease up once you get further into the second trimester. I always felt like I had the flu in my first trimester. There might not be much you can do as of right now. But it's ok! Get as MUCH sleep as you both can. Because after the baby is born, you will never sleep again. Laughing

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