Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Help: What Can We Expect?

I think the video below is a great in explaining the thoughts that we have about being parents for the first time. Any suggestions for us? Anything we should do before our life changes in less than 200 days?


Anonymous said...

My suggestion is enjoy eachother! After the baby gets here, it will be very difficult to find time for adult time and stress will run high. Before 36 weeks, it's a good idea to find a pediatrician. Make an appointment and have a meeting just to see how you like him/her.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about being parents. It's not rocket science at all.
If the baby cries it's usually because they're
a) hungry
b) gassy
c) need a diaper change

If hungry, feed it.
If gassy, burp it
if diaper needs changing, change it.

You're instincts will kick in and you'll both just know what to do. It's very common to be a little uneasy about it though.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the above. You get the hang of it rather quickly. Luckily the first is pretty easily adaptable..years later you will wonder how they survived at all LOL, but they do with no emotional scars thank goodness. Just kidding..I will tell you it is easy, but there are some who would say parenting is tough..it is tough, but easily doable.

If they cry try all the above and if they still cry..get some earplugs and walk with them LOL

It is the best job you will ever do.

Anonymous said...

Alot of sources suggest deciding on a pediatrician before 36 weeks. That's because you never know when the baby is going to come! I waited. And guess what. I had to have an emergency induction at 36 weeks. Laughing

I would also suggest finding someone to help you out post baby. Not someone who is always going to be wanting to hold the baby. That is mommy and daddy's job. Someoen who doesn't mind making dinner, doing the dishes, and some laundry. Atleast long enough for you two to get your heads back together.

Anonymous said...

Sorry no...everything i have ever read was a bit biased or lied completely..well maybe it worked for them, but never did for me. Go to the library and ask the librarian for all the parenting books and then read and make your own decisions. that is my best advice..sorry it wasn't any better.

Rob Monroe said...

My advice would be to start looking for day care, if you're going to need it, as early as you can bear to. We took a few weeks to sort through all of the choices, and then had to deal with waitlisting questions. It would have been easier if we had made the decision earlier.

Other than that, I agree with others that you should enjoy your time with each other. Make sure you intentionally check in on how each other is feeling. It's just as much a roller coaster for us guys as it is for the ladies!

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