Tuesday, July 24, 2007


When we first got pregnant we went to the doctor to make sure that everything was fine. He first got us to both do blood work. We did not hear anything back from the results of our blood work, so we assumed that everything was fine. Well, that was potentially a bad mistake. After we found out that our baby had no heart beat, after 13 weeks, we also found out that we had non-compatible blood types. We were told that this did not cause us to lose our baby but my wife was given WinRho right away as our blood types did not match. We did a lot of reading online and we were both scared that having two different blood types could have made her infertile. When we went back to the doctor he told us that everything is fine and that we should be able to get pregnant again. We are both hoping that his happens soon. Please make sure to share any stories similar to this with us.


Belle said...

Can you explain on the 'non-compatible' blood types? I know the rhesus positive is incompatible with rhesus negative.

yatie'scorner said...

hello there,

don't worry too much.

I hope you 'll get new baby soon.

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