Monday, January 14, 2008

Major Purchases: Baby Strollers

We are almost at week 25 now and this past weekend we started purchasing big items, that we will need when the baby arrives. We decided to go into a larger city and get some advice on products that we might need. We started at Toys "R" Us - Babies, as we were told that they are very educational. The lady we talked to had run a daycare for years and was very helpful. She took us through all of their products and indicated what she thought was best. We were specifically looking for a stroller and she indicated it did not matter which one we got but we should go with a Quattro.

We ended up purchasing one later on in the day from Sears. We purchased the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System. The main reasons we purchased this model was because it was a Quattro, the car seat is good for infants from 5-30 lbs. (most of the others only were good up to 22 lbs), and yes we like the colour. More information about the system we bought can be found below.

The Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe travel system includes the Quattro Tour Deluxe stroller, SafeSeat infant car seat with a 5-Point front adjust harness and a stay-in-car adjustable base. The Quattro Tour Deluxe stroller is made of aluminum tubing and promises years of comfy strolling for infants through toddlers. The one hand gravity fold simplifies life for parents and the 180° rotating canopy with peek-a-boo window shades your child from any direction. The 4-position, flat reclining seat keeps your child comfortable while the parent organizer tray with storage compartment and cupholders provides convenience for mom and dad. The lower and load storage basket is the perfect place for storing baby's essentials. Best of all, this travel system includes the Infant SafeSeat car seat for your infant from 5-30 lbs. and up to 32".

Do you have any other suggestions about major purchases that we should be doing before the baby arrives? What were your experiences when purchasing a stroller?


Aida said...

i see a lot of parents with the strollers similar like yours. basically anything that maneuvers well, lightweight and easy to fold is a life saver. i personally am not into travel system strollers but that is just me.

we purchased a bike trailer instead since it suits our lifestyle and we were happy to "wear" our babies when they were younger since its hands-free and easy and a plus, easier to breastfeed in public.

Frazzmom said...

I went through a series of strollers when my kids were little. We had everything from the $350.00 Peg Perego top of the line to the $10.00 umbrella stroller from Target.

My biggest piece of stroller advice is to borrow a friend's toddler and try out the stroller with him/her riding in it. Many strollers push smoothly with an infant, but don't maneuver quite so easily with a heavier toddler!

Steph Garvey said...

My biggest surprise was that I didn't want to use the stroller once my baby was born. I just wanted to hold him. The Ergo is my best friend!

Mom at 35 said...

We got the Graco Emerson carseat/stroller combo, although it's extremely bulky and heavy for me and my husband has been the one carrying the carseat. I prefer to "wear" Baby J with a Moby Wrap and carry him in the Lascal M1 carrier (we liked it much better than the Baby Bjorn) rather than wheeling a stroller around. Also, our neighborhood's pavement seemed too narrow and have dips from driveways, which makes wheeling a stroller ridiculously difficult.

Our New Baby said...

I sure bet that we will want to wear/hold the baby all of the time as well. The best part about our purchase was putting it together everything is getting so exciting. Thank you for your posts.

Anonymous said...

well, with my first i spent a lot of money on the stroller/infant seat system ... i got the peg perego aria simply because it was the lightest one on the market and i liked the simple color scheme - black and silver ... being petite, i thought that was important and it is ... second time around i got a graco double stroller ... it's a bare bones tandem and it's about as light as it gets for a double stroller ... it was only $80 on sale at target and i don't care for the pattern, but i wasn't sure how it'd go w/a double stroller so i didn't want to pay alot ... helped that it was a gift from my parents ... however, my gf passed down her lightweight aria double stroller side by side ... so now i have that too! anyways ...

let's see ... i would definitely say you need a swing and a bouncer ... my kids both lived in the swing ... both actually slept in them too ... younger one actually slept in it at night til she was a few months old, then into the crib she went ... good swaddling blankets ... they were both swaddled for months ... i bought a bassinet but returned it so i don't think you need one ... if you really feel like you need one i'd go for a pack n'play that doubles as a bassinet/changing table ... if your house is small a monitor isn't really necessary ... i guess stroller/car seat, swing and bouncer would be my recomendations for big ticket things ...

Anonymous said...

Stroller, car seat, swing, bouncer and Pac n play/changing table if your house is larger..

I didn't really like my 1st travel system once baby was in the actual stroller.. but Now we have the Graco Duo Glide and i really like that.

The swing is essential in my house... both my kids LOVED it so I'm hoping #3 is the same way.

I need to purchase a new bouncer for this baby since the one we had bit the dust after DD.

Philbert said...

Many types of stroller available in market..But I'm really impressed from ABaby selection...

Our New Baby said...

I was never on the ABaby site before but there sure are a lot of great discounts.

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